Sedona Staffing Human Rights Policy Statement

Updated 2/2023 

Ally Services, Inc. a Licensee and in partnership with Sedona Staffing, Inc. heron referred to as Sedona  Staffing is committed to respecting all human rights as part of our daily business values. Our Human  Rights Policy embraces that core principles of our operation and culture will ensure we do not engage in  any activities that violate human rights as identified in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights  and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental principles and Rights at work  as well as all applicable State and Federal Laws. It is our corporate responsibility to embrace and uphold  these principles not only within this statement but in our day-to-day values and operations.+



As an industry that has a significant impact on the opportunities and livelihoods of people within diverse  backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and experiences, we believe we have a profound responsibility to always  strive to foster safe, inclusive, and respectful opportunities within the companies we conduct business  with. 

Our commitment to consistently pursue and uphold the highest standards in both our day-to-day activities as well as our broader range of influence include but are not limited to: 

1. Set forth expectations that foster personal and professional development of its employees. 2. Ensure all employees treat those we interact with on a day-to-day basis with respect, tolerance,  dignity, equity, inclusion, and transparency.  

3. We incorporate consistent values and opportunities that promote freedom and diversity without  prejudice of race, gender, nationality, language, religion, political, sexual orientation, dress, age, or  professional organizations. 

4. Seek to recognize any areas that are not in line with our policy and seek constructive solutions that  unify differences with mutual respect. 

5. Ensure all activities in our day-to-day sphere of influence are free of slavery, compulsory labor,  human trafficking, cruelty, and do not allow child labor. 

6. Promote a safe environment to freely express or discuss goals, concerns, and complaints without  discrimination or retaliation. 

7. Ensure the right to safe, healthy, and sanitary working conditions in accordance with the provisions  of the law. 


Sedona Staffing will consistently strive to uphold the highest level of Human Rights standards regarding  our employees, practices, relationships with our vendors and communities to continue to promote a  respectful promotion of freedoms. We will consistently seek to identify and understand evolving  changes within our business and community cultures. We will always seek ways to ensure the safety,  freedoms, and opportunities of all those we work with and influence in our day-to-day operations with  our goal to promote and maintain unity, mutual respect, and equal opportunity for those we serve.

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