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  1. How does your service work?

That’s a great question!  First, our Account Manager will talk with you in-depth to  assess your staffing needs and then send you a “Fee Agreement” that outlines our services and fees.  Once you review, sign and return our team quickly begins working together to locate the best talent for your open positions. You have the option to have our team chose the candidate and start them or you can interview first and make a decision.  Once you choose the candidate for your role our team takes over all of the HR administrative processes to ensure the candidate is ready for work.  We pay our associates weekly and absorb all of the employer liabilities including taxes, Worker’s compensation, UEI, SSI, claims and W-2 forms.

  1. What Industries do you serve?

Sedona Carlsbad offers diverse staffing solutions.  Our goal is to make your job easier by providing you with a one call solution so we focus on many industries.  In effort to keep our costs manageable we do have some limitations such as high risk job titles and industries.  Our Account Managers will be happy to talk to you about your openings and if we can’t help you our team will refer you to someone who can!

  1. Where do you find your employees?

“Word of Mouth” is our best method and our Team has built a reputation as being among the best in the industry so many of our fantastic candidates come to us.  We don’t stop there though as we constantly strive to implement the most productive, creative, and innovative recruiting strategies available.  

  1. How do you screen your candidates?

We use a variety of methods including: in-depth interviews, skills assessments, reference/employment eligibility verifications, as well as our clients have the option to request Pre-employment Screens.

  1. Do you staff Temp, Temp-Hire, Early Conversion or Direct Hire?

Bingo…all the above!  Our priority is customizing our staffing programs to meet your needs.  Our Account Managers will help you with determining which type of placement is the best for you!

  1. What are your fees?

Our fees vary with many factors including assignment classification, duration, skill level and of course volume!  Our account managers work closely with you to ensure cost effective staffing solutions.

  1. When does our obligation start and end?

Your obligation starts once you decide to use any of the employees we refer to you and it ends once you no longer need them or you meet the conversion requirements and bring them onto your payroll.  Remember, you are never obligated to hire anyone we refer to you but if you do decide to have them work for you then you automatically agree to the “Terms” within our “Fee Agreement”.

  1. How long do I have to keep an employee on your payroll before I convert them onto ours?

Typically, our conversion time is 520 hours, however some factors can change this due to the clients needs.  Your Account Manager will work closely with you to determine the best conversion time.

  1. Do I have to hire an employee you send?

No!  You are never obligated to hire any of the candidates we submit. Your obligation only takes place if you chose one of our candidates to work for you.

  1. What if a candidate we chose isn’t working out for us?

Another great question!  If at any time you feel a candidate is not the right fit or you simply no longer have a need, just give us a call and our staff will end the assignment and if you chose we can replace the candidate with a better suited match.  Keep in mind however that this is rare as our team understands that it is costly for both of us to make the wrong match so our focus (and success) is getting it right the first time!

  1. How is responsible for keeping track of time?

Sedona Carlsbad offers a multitude of time-keeping programs including electronic, manual, group time-sheets and in some instances can use our clients time-keeping system?  Our work week is Monday – Sunday (unless otherwise agreed). Our employees are responsible for ensuring their hours are reported correctly and given to the supervisor for approval no later than Monday at 9am following each work week.  All time cards must be submitted to us by 12 noon on the same Monday.  Typically, it is our employee’s responsibility to get this to us, however our clients have the option to manage this as-long-as they get the time-slips in by the same deadline.

  1. Can you provide custom reports that we may need?

Absolutely!  We offer over 100 report options that can be submitted in multiple formats and if we don’t have one that works for you our IT team will create it!  Our desire is to be your off-site HR support, so we aim to please!

  1. How do the employees get paid?

Sedona pays weekly, and paychecks are available every Friday for the prior work week. Our employees have multiple options to receive their pay including direct deposit, debit cards, check pick-up and mail.

  1. Do your employees receive benefits and Sick Pay?

Yes!  Sedona is compliant with ACA and manages all communication and distribution of benefits information once the employee becomes eligible.  In addition, Sedona Carlsbad complies with the CA mandated 3 Sick Pay days per calendar year as-long-as the employee follows the guidelines by filling out our Sick Pay Form and returns it in the payroll period it represents.

  1. Who offers and ends the assignment?

We do!  Since Sedona is the “Employer of Record” it is important you leave these details to us.  

  1. Who handles communication regarding personnel issues?

This is another area where you really want us to handle it.  By allowing Sedona to manage all employee personnel issues (other than on-site training), you limit your exposure to Co-Employment Liabilities.  Besides this is one of the perks of using our service, it takes the time-consuming burden off you!

  1. Who is responsible for managing labor laws such as Wage/Hour, Meal/Break, Osha Safety Rules, Harassment, Discrimination, etc.?

We both are!  Regardless of our relationship both of parties are responsible for providing a safe workplace free of hazards, harassment, and discrimination as well as ensuring all Wage/Hour and Meal/Break rules are followed. It is imperative that all supervisors/staff managing our associates are fully educated on these laws.  Whenever there is a doubt, please contact our office as we have among the best compliance teams available in the industry and can quickly assess and guide you on the next steps.

  1. Guarantees

Sedona Carlsbad is so confident that we can successfully provide with the level of staffing you need that we back it with fantastic guarantees.  Once our Account Team determines the staffing program you are most interested in they will be sure to let you know about the Guarantees that apply to you!

  1. How do I ensure the most successful partnership and ROI when using a staffing firm?

Your staff is the largest investment your company can make so it is essential that you have a staffing firm that understands this and will help you maximizes your investment.  If you have the right firm, they will essentially act as your off-site HR support, so it is imperative you allow them to use their expertise and that you communicate with them regularly just as you would an in-house HR member.  Sedona Carlsbad understands that your business is our business and every dollar you spend is critical.  We are most effective when our clients partner closely with us so that together we can develop strategic solutions to enhance recruitment, retention and productivity.

  1. How do I choose an agency that will provide the successful partnership you mention above?

This is a great question and on the surface it’s not always easy.  Of course, most agencies will tell you they are the best but here is where the old-adage “The proof is in the pudding” comes in. Too often the glitzy sales team gives this amazing pitch then after you sign the dotted line you are handed off to inexperience or disinterested staffers.  TIP #1: Ask who will be handling your account.  One of the biggest complaints we here is that too many people handle their account so when they call the person isn’t familiar with the latest activity. Great agencies will assign a staffer to manage your account specifically.  TIP #2:  When you first begin your discussions ask the Account Manager to include the staffers who will handle your account.  Ask these staffers questions some basic questions about co-employment/labor laws.  They don’t have to be in-depth but enough for you to get the sense that whoever is handling your account will have enough knowledge to make you aware of any co-employment issues that arise. TIP #3: Don’t go for the cheapest rates.  Many times, agencies will provide you with incredibly attractive rates to get their foot in the door.  However, behind the scenes when multiple orders come in they will provide their best energy (and talent) to the higher rates. Sedona isn’t the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive but we structure our fees to ensure that we can give every order (large or small) exceptional dedication.  TIP #4: Use caution when signing exclusivity contracts. Sometimes they can be great as they often lead to more competitive pricing, however, be sure to add a provision that if they don’t meet your needs/fill your order within a certain time frame that you have the right to reach out to other services and that if you aren’t completely satisfied you can exit the contract.  TIP #5: Ask for transparency and ensure they are willing to stand behind it.  While there are many laws that limit employers/agencies from sharing employee data, a great agency will ask their staff to sign a “Waiver” allowing clients to review their employee application.  This ensures they have met all hiring criteria including proper employment eligibility verification.  TIP #6: As a follow-up to the last tip be sure they are utilizing E-Verify.  It is very difficult to verify all of the ID’s physically so by using this program, all parties have eliminated the risks associated with invalid ID’s.  TIP #7:  Stop by the agency unannounced and get a feel for the environment.  After-all agencies are the “Employer of Record” so if it isn’t an environment you would want to work for you may want to reconsider hiring through them.

When in doubt, feel free to call us for more useful tips or questions on practices.  While we would love to earn your business, we are always excited to assist our community with helpful tips to ensure success!

  1. Why should I choose Sedona?

We love this question and if you’ve read any of the other questions you can easily see that we take tremendous pride in what we do and we want to contribute and help be part of your success!  From full-service solutions to small projects, we value every customer and give you the dedication you expect and deserve! Sedona Carlsbad believes that our employees are an extension of our client’s so education, training, and mentoring is an essential part of our daily program.  We don’t stop with our in-house employees though!  We believe in investing in all our associates by providing training resources, skills enhancement, employee guidance assistance, referral bonuses, holiday perks and recognition programs.  Take-a-peek at our Social Media comments and you can get a good idea on our reputation.  



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